15 Apr 2018

Eating Tips for the COPD patients

Eating tips to help COPD patients feel better. Eating good food regularly will make you feel better. You will have more energy, and your body will be able to fight infections better. 

Eat fruits and vegetables, curd, cheese and other milk based products, cereal, grains and other foods that are rich in proteins.

Control how much salt you take because it can make fluid build-up in your body and that may interfere with breathing.

Control how much tea, coffee and cola’s you take. They may interfere with some of your medicines and may also make you feel nervous.

Avoid foods that produce gas or make you feel bloated.

Try eating light meals every time instead of heavy ones. This will keep you from filling up your stomach which causes breathing problem.

Walk or participate in light activities like walking after taking a meal, it will give you a healthy appetite.

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